Friday, February 18, 2011

The story behind a name

Navin and I always knew we wanted our kid's names to be special. It took a lot of brainstorming to come up with a name for our little girl that had a personal story to go along with it. What we came up with may not seem very special to others but we absolutely love it because it means a lot to us. Her name is going to be  
If we were going to have a girl, I knew I wanted to include my Mom's name, Lyn, somewhere in there. 
My Mom has always been an inspiration to me. She was an amazing, caring person. She loved everyone and was the least judgmental person I know. As I raise my daughter, my Mom's influence will always play a role. I am one lucky girl to have been raised by such an intelligent and kind person. She was always there for me to talk to when I needed it and I knew I never had to hide anything from her. That is exactly the type of relationship I want to have with our children. 
I miss her more than words can explain but I will always enjoy telling our little girl about how wonderful she was. 

The first part of our baby girl's name comes for a movie that was one of my Mom's favorites and quickly became one of mine and later became one of Navin's. It's a 1973 film called Paper Moon. 
It is based during the Great Depression. It's about a con artist who ends up traveling with a girl who may be his daughter. It's a great movie and Navin and I have watched it many times now. The young girl in the movie goes by Addie and has quite the personality. We fell in love with that name and, especially Navin, really wanted to include that as part of our daughter's name. 
So, that's how we came to the conclusion that our daughter's name would be Addilyn. 

Her middle name is special as well. Page, AZ is where Navin spent the first part of his life. 
He grew up in a small house in the middle of nowhere on the Navajo Reservation. He and his family lived without electricity or running water. He loves telling stories about growing up there and looks forward to taking his daughter up there to show her where he and his family are from. I enjoy listening to him because you can tell that he has a greater appreciation for what he has now and he and his family worked hard and also appreciated what they had then. 

Well, that is the story behind her name. We love it and we sure hope our little girl loves it too. We are so excited to meet her and finally get to hold her. She can't come soon enough, but I guess we will have to wait about ten more weeks. 


j & s said...

your mom is so amazing and i miss her!! :( but im so excited for this little girl to get here. tell her to hurry it on up!!

afton said...

that picture of your mom is beautiful! i love the name and already love the little girl!

Brad and Jamie Porter said...

I love the story and I LOVE the name. I miss you we really need to get together!!!

Allie said...

Aww. I love the story behind Addi's name. I'm so glad you picked such a pretty and meaningful name. I love it! Mom would love it too. Love you, sis. Can't wait to meet Addilyn!

Anonymous said...

~~**Umuh....Loved reading this! Such a CUTE name and love the background on each name that you chose for you little girl =) Cute CUTE!!! Congrats again =)**~~

Lindsey said...

How sweet! I love names that have a story :)

Tracy said...

Very sweet, and such and adorable name!

side note..I want to see paper moon now!!