Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life is wonderful

It seems like we have been so busy lately. The pregnancy is going so well. I am now 22 weeks and feeling huge but that is to be expected.  She moves around so much! We are just so excited for our little girl to be here! We are having so much fun preparing the nursery together.  We love talking about our future and how we want to raise our children. Navin is going to be such a great dad because he is already an amazing husband!  

These are pictures from the events of December:

Allie graduated from ASU! Yay! I decided that December graduations are so much better because they are quite a bit shorter. I graduated in May and I think it was over three hours long. 

Within a week, my belly grew A LOT! This picture was taken at 21 weeks

We made ginger bread houses. Obviously, Navin and I need to practice. Our house fell apart pretty quickly so we improvised by making angry snowmen that attacked our poor little house.  

Of course, Allie and Nick's turned out very nice. 

Beans decided he wanted to pretend to be a reindeer for Christmas Eve. 

Carlos also wanted to give the antlers a try. 

We enjoyed Christmas dinner with my family. (Notice how much bigger my belly is from the last picture. This is at almost 22 weeks)

Allie likes to feel our baby girl kick. 

Navin, Nick and Bender. 

It is a tradition that we have Christmas crackers and wear the crowns during dinner. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We are excited for what the upcoming year brings and celebrating the holidays with our baby girl next year and the years to come. 


j & s said...

Yay I love that cute little belly! ok and I guess you guys too :) glad all is well

Allie said...

Cute pictures! Thanks for supporting me at graduation, that was fun! Your belly looks so cute! Can't wait to meet our little Addilyn soon!

Love, Allie