Sunday, January 17, 2010

What a wonderful gift

So my dad gave us such a wonderful Christmas gift his year... he took Navin, my sister, and I to San Francisco! My dad was the only one who had been before and Navin in I have been dying to go for a very long time now. It was such a wonderful trip. The hotel we stayed in was amazing and right in the middle of all the action. The first night we were there we went to the most delicious Italian restaurant. While there, we had so many good meals. Navin and I are already planning on going back! We absolutely love that city.
Here are some pictures of our trip...
In front of our Hotel--Park 55

The entrance to China Town

Waiting in line for the cable car/trolly.
Riding on the cable car.
On our way to Acatraz Prison
Prisoners hanging out in the recreation yard
(this reminded me of the Shawshank Redemption)
Some prisoners in one of the jail cells.
The ROCK/ Alacatraz

This picture was taken at Golden Gate Park. Gorgeous park!
We got to see WICKED at the Orpheum theater! It was amazing!! We all enjoyed it immensely!
Golden Gate Bridge



Justin and Stefanie said...

yay san francisco is the best! glad you guys had lots of fun! one day we need to take a girls trip far far away... :)

Allie said...

That sure was a fun-filled trip with awesome food. I'd have to say that the Italian was my favorite! It was fun riding the trollies, cables cars, and subways. And Alcatraz was one of my favs. We need to take another family trip. SOON! Love ya Lizzy poo!

Anonymous said...

~~*San Francisco is pretty fun!!! =) I had lots of fun shopping and I really liked Fishermna's Wharf too. It was a bit smelly, but fun! WICKED is soo good. Looks like you guys had ALOT of FUN!!! =)*~~

justin & mallory coffman said...

I love San Francisco! Looks like you had a blast! What a sweet dad! :)

Camille said...

What an awesome gift! Your dad is such a nice guy.

I've been to San Francisco only once, but I, too, swore I'd go back someday.

And WICKED! Sweet.

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

I love San Francisco! What a fun Christmas present! I'm so jealous you got to see Wicked while you were there! That is my favorite broadway musical!

Tracy said...

First off.. I LOVE San Fransisco!! It looks like you guys had a blast!

Second, I can't even explain how embarrassed I am!! .. I was at my parents house and I found some dance dresses that belong to you!!!! I am so so so sorry Liz! I feel so stupid! There are two of them. one is pink with some black lace on top, and the other one is a short black/greenish one. There is also a shrug that goes on top! I feel to bad. Can I give them back to you? Or has it been so long you would rather that I take them to goodwill? Let me know. I am so Sorry.