Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So Navin and I had some free time this last weekend and I convinced him to do a facial with me!
I didn't not think he would do it but I told him
how relaxing it would be! I even used fresh cucumbers for our eyes! At first the cucumbers were a little too cold and started to burn our eyes. After a while we got used to it and turned on some music and relaxed. Navin was such a good sport! I'm surprised he let me take a picture. Little did he know I was going to blog about it!! he he he shhhh!
Our faces felt so refreshed afterward!


Allie said...

Haha, you didn't tell me about this! Sweet pics! That is hot!! =)

Camille Elise said...

I love that your husband got a facial too! What a trooper! And I bet his face was smooth and smelled good afterwards! :) Lucky you!

Whitney said...

ha ha! I love it. He must really love you.

Monroe said...

Tell Navin I feel for him. Why do wife's always want to embarrass their husbands like this? Shouldn't it be enough that he let you do this to him without having to publish it for the world to see? Just kidding Liz, I have had plenty of opportunities to look dumb throughout our marriage. It is just part of the process right;-) Hope you guys are doing well and we'll see you in Cali for Thanksgiving!

justin & mallory coffman said...

Love the pictures of the facials! Very attractive! :)