Friday, May 28, 2010


Graduation was such a fun day!! Some of my family including my Grandpa and Summer and her little boys were able to come to AZ for my graduation! Navin's parents and two of his brothers were also able to make it to my graduation. And of course my amazing sister and Dad came. I absolutely love my family, in-laws included!

The actual ceremony was pretty long but it was worth it to have my five seconds of fame while walking up to receive my empty diploma holder (they mail your diploma 8 weeks after graduation). Until I arrived at the ceremony, I did not realize that the seating was not in alphabetical order. I was able to sit by my good friend Abby during the ceremony! We ended up having most of our classes together for the last two years and it was a blast! We had some good times!

After the ceremony, most of us went out to eat to Costa Vida! Yum!

Later that night, my Dad had made dinner reservations at this really nice restaurant in Tempe called House of Tricks! The food was so yummy and I had such a great time spending that evening with my family. I have such a supportive family! I am really lucky! Navin has been really patient with me as my stress levels and emotions went up and down throughout each semester.

School starts back up for me June 1st though and I figure I should keep going while I have the motivation. Eventually I plan on applying to PA school but I still have some prerequisites to complete since I decided a little late that this is what I want to do.

Here are some pictures from the wonderful day, in no particular order. Sorry for the overload but it was such a fun day I could not help myself.


Camille Elise said...

Congrats girly! It was exactly one year ago that I graduated too! Oh such a good feeling of accomplishment wouldn't you say?! You already on such a high and then you hang out with your supportive family that day in honor of your achievement...all the better! happy summer to ya!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Awww the relief!... but not really, because you're going right back to school. LOOK AT YOU GO!! Dang girl!! Looks like it was a very fun day. I loved graduation day as well!!

afton said...

liz! that is so exciting, congrats girl! graduation was one of the greatest days of my life. i loved all of it! and i love your pictures. all of them. i too go back to school june 1st. i'm not happy about it. but at least it gets me done sooner!

Tracy said...

Congratulations!!! .. what a fun day!

August said...

HAHA. I like that picture with my parents and you and then Navin in the background, but con grates.