Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow trip #2

Last Sunday, Navin, Addilyn, cousin Loryn, Allie, Raja (the dog) and I took a day trip up to Flagstaff to play in the snow. We thought by getting Addilyn some actual snow gear, she would actually enjoy playing in the snow. We were completely wrong and deep inside, we may have been a little disappointed. Our efforts to keep her warm and dry still had no effect on her desire to play in the snow. Even the sight of a pretty green sled did not evoke even the slightest sign of excitement. She wanted to be held the entire time. She watched as we took turns sledding down the short hill.
As one of us had to be holding Addilyn, another had to be stuck with our crazy dog, Raja. We wanted to bring her with us because we thought it would be a fun adventure for her and she has enough fur to keep us all warm. Turns out, Raja has the very opposite opinion of snow from that of Addilyn's. She loved it. She ate it, rolled in it, dug holes and pretty much had the time of her life. She is wild and at times, we regretted bringing her. However, seeing her tail wag and her wet nose covered in white flakey snow, made me happy.
Loryn is quite the daredevil. He had fun standing on the sled and trying to get Raja to pull him. He usually ended up tumbling into the snow and by the end, his clothes felt as if he had jumped into a pool. He made comments about what a wonderful time he was having and that made me happy. 
I was glad to have my sister along for the trip as well. I wish we could have sledded a little more together but with Addilyn whining and Raja escaping every five minutes, it made it difficult. Overall, I think it was a nice little getaway. 
Loryn worked pretty hard to get Raja to pull him. He wasn't very successful. 

Navin trying to convince Addilyn that sledding is fun. He was not successful either.

Allie making her way down the hill on a little saucer. 
Sleds are smaller than I remember.
Addilyn lasted about a minute until she begged to be picked up.
Allie and I about to race down the hill.
Addilyn and I. Check out that serious look on her face.
Finally, we witnessed a little smile when she saw Allie sled down the hill.
So, we decided to see if she would enjoy in more with Auntie. It didn't work. She still hated it.
We tied Raja up for a few minutes to give ourselves a break. She did really well.
Snow surfing.
We finally found something Addilyn wanted to do. There was this interesting swing that she just loved. She stayed in it for quite a while while we played with Raja in the snow.
There's that beautiful smile that we love.
She was so happy.
Navin and Raja.
Action shots of Raja getting hit with a snow ball:

Out of the swing and there's that serious look again.

She wanted to be back in the swing.
But, we had to get a family picture and then head out.
We stopped at a gorgeous look-out where it was snowing. Addilyn wanted to sit on this bench and then realized how cold it was on her little buns.
Family shot in the beautiful snow.
Allie, Addilyn and I.
Daddy and Addilyn.
Sorry, Allie but I had to post this picture. I really like this picture because it reminds me of our mom. From what I remember, it seems like we have a lot of pictures of mom similar to this one. She is standing in beautiful scenery, freezing cold but kindly obliging dad's urges to take a picture before getting back to the warm car and her coffee. I think Allie looks really pretty here too.


Anonymous said...

Aww! Great post! Even though I was there, it's fun to read what you had to say about it. Thanks for that last picture too. It is like mom, except I'm making more of an attempt to smile than she usually did. But she was always standing with her hands in her pockets and feet together like that, usually with a face like, "Jay---ames!"


Anonymous said...

Also, I thought you looked really pretty that day, like a real snow bunny! =)