Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow trip #1

The day after Christmas, we embarked on a journey to my uncle's cabin. On the drive up, she would point out the window and yell "nose!" (That is snow in Addi-talk) We had visions or Addi running and jumping in the snow. Exploring the cold, fresh powder. Well, it turns out she absolutely hates it. She cried when we put her down and would not take one step in it. It was pretty dramatic. Although, I don't blame her. It was quite cold and wet. She did however, enjoy eating it.
 After some lunch at a wonderful sandwich shop with my aunt and uncle, we decided to take a walk. Addilyn begged for the stroller so we obliged. We didn't want to traumatize her even more. It was a peaceful walk.
When we got back to the cabin, we enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate while Addi ran around and ate a bowl of marshmallows. We played in the warm cabin for awhile and then it was time for our quick trip to end. It was nice visiting with my aunt and uncle and breathing in the fresh air. Hopefully, next time we can stay longer.
Daddy and Addi in the snow

 She would not move.

 Yummy snow.

 The beautiful cabin.
 Strong man.
 Enjoying our walk.

 Playing in the warm cabin.

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