Monday, October 8, 2012

making "bops"

I have really enjoyed making popsicles for Addilyn. I know exactly what is going in them and they don't have all of the added sugar that store-bought ones have. It also makes enduring the heat a lot easier when you have a popsicle in hand (our weather has been unusually hot). This time, I decided to let her help and she really seemed to enjoy it. I also like getting her more involved with things around the house and I feel like it is creating more of a bond between us.
Here is our latest popsicle making extravaganza:
 We pretty much add whatever we have on hand and hope that it tastes okay. This particular batch was a combination of strawberries, carrots, spinach, banana, peach Greek yogurt, avocado, butternut squash, apple sauce and finally, orange juice. It sounds gross but, they actually turned out quite yummy.
 Addilyn enjoyed putting the carrots in one by one. 
 Then, she decided dumping everything in would be faster.

 Of course, she had to taste-test the "nanas."
And, the yogurt. I don't blame her. I eat while I cook too.
 After getting over the initial terror of the blender, we watched as our plethora of fruits and veggies turned into a blended, poopy looking puree. (I'm really making this sound good, right?)
The next day, we thoroughly enjoyed our frozen creation.

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