Friday, September 28, 2012

California: Part two

We finally got some sun!
Sorry for the picture overload but, I could not resist documenting Addilyn's every facial expression and obvious love for the beach.
 She enjoyed trying to throw the football. 
 There were so many sand crabs to catch. She thought they were interesting until they wiggled in her hands. She quickly released them once they started squirming through her fingers.

 She spent a lot of time in the water.
 This facial expression we say she gets from her Pop pop. When he is looking up at a bird, he often scrunches his nose and sort of purses his lips.

 Playing in the sand with auntie.
 I thought she looked so pretty in her colorful swim suit and her cute little hat.

 Running from daddy.
 Beach baby.

 I can't get enough of that face.

 Finding treasures.

Addi and auntie.

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