Tuesday, September 25, 2012

California: Part One

This last August, we were able to take a trip over to Dana Point, California and stay in my grandparents condo. 
We took a lot of pictures while we were there so, I thought I would break it up into parts as not to overwhelm anyone. 
We sure did have a wonderful time. Last year, Addilyn was only 4 months old when she took her first trip to California. This time around, she was over a year old and running everywhere. Allie was also able to join us which meant lots of auntie time for Addilyn. 
We went to the beach every day and enjoyed getting out of our triple digit weather. Most of the days were overcast but the water was still warm enough to swim in.
I feel so lucky that we have this wonderful place to escape to whenever we have the chance.
Addilyn hanging out in the condo.
We love taking walks at the harbor and getting calamari and fish and chips.

She sure does love her daddy.

I can't believe how fast she is growing up.

Our little family
The girls. Poor Navin was out numbered.
The squirrels thought we had food and were very friendly.
Riding on daddy's shoulders.
Bringing our wagon was our best idea yet. To access the beach we go to, you have to go down a long hill. The wagon made lugging beach toys and a toddler up and down a lot easier.

She instantly fell in love with the ocean. She was so happy splashing the waves and playing in the sand. Seeing her face light up and her little foot prints in the sand were some of the major highlights of the trip.

She sure did enjoy playing in the water with auntie Allie.

Sand started to build up in her swim suit bottoms and obviously, this is what happened. She didn't seem to mind.

Big and little foot prints.

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