Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Since we have a new kitchen with properly working appliances, I have been cooking a lot more than before. I love our kitchen and I have discovered that I actually enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. What I hate most is the cleanup afterward. Luckily, now we have a dish
washer and if I cook, Navin is in charge of the clean-up! I like our arrangement! So here are a few of the meals I have prepared lately:

For dessert: Rolls and cinnamon butter
Healthy Fiesta wraps with homemade tomato vinaigrette dressing
Costa Vida-like salads with homemade cilantro ranch dressing
Cajun Jambalaya pasta (one of my favorites!)
Salmon with a basil pesto sauce and rice pilaf
I love it cause theses are pretty healthy for the most part. Also, none of them have meat in them. I don't really cook a lot of meat, mainly because I don't like it all that much. I have some other yummy recipes but these are our usual meals and I just thought I would share them!


Brandon and Heather Grissom said...

yummy!! that look so good!! way to go!

Tracy said...

Will you come and cook at my house!? I will do the clean up I promise!! That burrito looked delicious!!

lets run into each other at joann's one of these days:)