Thursday, June 30, 2011

This was my last week before I go back to work. Since when I start work, Navin and I won't have any days off together, we decided to go on some adventures and visit some places we hadn't been before. Tuesday, we went to lunch at Paradise Bakery and then to the Arizona Sea Life Aquarium at Arizona Mills Mall. It was so much fun! I just love doing things with Navin and Ms Addilyn. On Wednesday, we went out to lunch at a Hawaiian place near our house and then visited the Heard Museum in Pheonix. It was so interesting seeing all of the Native art and learning about their history. There were a few tribes I did not know about. 
I'm so sad that we won't be able to spend as much time together but I sure do cherish the little time we are able to have! I love Navin and Addi-girl so much!! 
Here are some pictures to document the wonderful days:

Sea Life Aquarium
Our little family.
Waiting to enter the aquarium
Enjoying the colorful fish 

Taking a moment to take a picture because mommy cannot stop taking pictures

This room was circular and the fish in here just swim in a circle all day long

Addi and I in the circular room

 Looking at all of the pretty star fish and sea anemones
Here we are in front of the shark tank. They had just fed them.
 Navin and I in front of the shark tank. Addi got a little tired of taking pictures. 
 Glowing Addi
Wishing she was a pirate (I think daddy was wishing he was a pirate too) 
Another pirate hat. Maybe she didn't like either of them from the look on her face. 

The Heard Museum 
Addi in her sling. She loves to suck on the front of it. Yuck.

In front of a painting 

Judging from this picture and the last picture, there was something very interesting above her. Maybe a ceiling fan. She loves staring at those things. 

She got a little tired and decided to take a nap

 Had to stop and take a family picture

Addi woke up a very happy baby and just in time to enjoy the rest of the museum

We decided to chill in this canoe for a bit

 Navin and Addi in front of a display

Navin and Addi in front of a GIANT Navajo rug. I can't imagine how long that took to weave.

 Addi and I in front of another rug

 In front of the museum outside where it was bloody hot!! 

It was way to bright for all of us. We took this picture really quickly before taking cover in our even hotter yet shadier car. 

What a great two days!

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Allie said...

Aw, you make me want to have a cute little family! Looks like you guys had a fun time. I especially love the happy picture of Addi after her nap! She has the sweetest smile in the world!!