Thursday, April 16, 2009

A night with Andrew and Hailey

So our niece and nephew had been begging to spend the night for about 3 weeks. Finally, we let them come over last Friday night. We had planned to watch a movie that night that we didn't want the kids to watch. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't appropriate for them. Besides, they really wanted to watch Elf. So.... we put my lap top in our closet and set up a little bed for them! They loved it! We made them popcorn and they loved having their own little "movie room." Don't worry we didn't shut them in! We left the door open so that we could still hear and see them. Every once and a while, they would come out and say "I have to go to the bathroom," "Andrew hit me," or "Hailey spilled the water." It was so funny! They are just so cute!! 

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Allie said...

That was so funny! They are so cute! It was fun to hang out with Andrew since I rarely see him. He's so funny. "Hey, I didn't know you guys had a bathroom." I love kids. Since you guys haven't made me any nieces or nephews yet, I'll just have to claim them. haha! =)