Saturday, November 22, 2008


So a few weeks ago, our family participated in the Red Mountain Pow Wow. It was so much fun. We set up a booth to sell Indian tacos. I made fry bread for almost 12 hours straight! But I was so fun because my in-laws are so much fun! Here are a few pictures from the pow wow. 

making some tacos...

still making fry bread that night.

The spot light dancers. This was amazing to watch because they turned off all the light and had the dancers dance only with a spot light!

Nate and Jared

Cooking up some steaks for the steak tacos

Our family's booth

Eating some yummy tacos! 


lindser-lou said...

Mmmmmm, ok now i'm hungry...that fry bread looks amazing!!! And that looks like a really cool get together - i've never heard of the Red Mtn Pow Wow before, but it looks like it'd be something really fun to go to!

Jami said...

I am so jealous of all that yummy food. You are going to have to make some for you girls lunch month thingie. Or that one salad that you were telling me about. WOW, you are really domestic, look at all the yummy things you can make!
How fun that you inlaws have such a neat culture!

Camille said...

I....Love....fry-bread. And will be craving it for the rest of my life now. Thanks a lot!! : )

Camille Elise said...

Oh man, that looks good! Now I wanna make some dang it!